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Meet Camele Warren

Hello and welcome!

I’m Camele, an entrepreneur, and dedicated Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist with this amazing team. I have the absolute pleasure of helping wonderful couples plan their dream destination wedding, honeymoon and romantic getaway. How cool is that?

My love for travel started at an early age. It started out with family road trips to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida just to name a few. I always loved the idea of knowing that once a destination is chose, the date of departure marked on the calendar, shopping for new clothes and specific items needed, packing and of course the anticipation that comes with travel day.

My first all-inclusive vacation was to Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic with two girlfriends. From the moment I got off that plane and was greeted with a tropical alcohol beverage at the resort, to the tearful goodbye to this beautiful island and the amazing people I met along the way, I knew travel would be in my life for a long time. I made the leap to travel agent in 2015 and joined UDW in 2017.

Are you and your love dreaming of that perfect cozy destination wedding? Where the vision of an resort provides you that simple yet elegant atmosphere for the 2 of you to exchange your vows in front of the people who mean the most to you? Well look no further because you have come to the right place.

I specialize in helping couples who desire celebrating their special day with a smaller guest list, design the perfect all-inclusive intimate destination wedding in the Caribbean or Mexico. I also specialize in honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette, family and individual getaways.

Let me help you say I Do in paradise!


What is your favourite destination (s) that you’ve travelled to?

Jamaica is my all time favorite. The food and people are absolutely amazing and a trip to Duns River Falls is a MUST!

What destination is tops on your bucket list?

I do have a few, but I’ll stop at 3!

Santorini, Bora Bora, and Turks and Caicos.


How many years have you been in travel? Any related experience you’d like to note?

I’ve been in the travel industry for 5 years. I started out as a Travel Agent specializing in cruises and now in Destination Weddings. I love researching and ultimately finding the best resort not only for myself, but for my clients.

I am a member of Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist Association and have obtained designation of St. Lucia Romance Expert and Jamaica Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist.

Best travel tip?

Always have a pen in your purse. It comes in handy when you need to fill out those pesky custom forms!


Favorite Trip

A few years ago my boyfriend and I did a road trip to Vancouver for our friend’s wedding. BEST ROAD TRIP EVER! On our way to Thunder Bay we were side tracked by a massive snow storm in the month of May! With no snow tires on the car and the roads becoming dangerous we stumbled upon a motel in Terrace Bay owned by a sweet couple. We found out that we were staying at the motel Terry Fox stayed at on one of his many marathons and we even got to see the room he stayed in! It was such an amazing experience and one of the many highlights of  our trip, and of course I can’t forget visiting Lake Louise in Alberta, which was incredible. People may not realize it but Canada is an absolutely beautiful country. I would highly recommend it!


My First All Inclusive Vacation

My first all-inclusive vacation with my friends Alison and Kerri to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We stayed at Jack Tar Village resort which is now known as Blue Jack Tar Hotel. We had the best time and it was that trip that made me fall in love with everything all-inclusive! My girl Alison is no longer here, but I’m so glad that I got to share this “first” with my best friend.

Fear of Flying

Even though I love to travel and I am a travel agent I am terrified of flying…how crazy is that!

My #1 Bucket List

Santorini has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I just think it’s absolutely stunning and a place I WILL visit in the future.

Budding Author

I absolutely love to write. Ever since I was young my ultimate dream was to become an Author. I have written many pieces in my time, even a novel, which is currently collecting dust in my closet but have never published. I plan to change that!