Nadia & Danny's Wedding

Short or Extended Stay Requests &

Guests outside of toronto

Some of you may wish to join Nadia and Danny in the Dominican but your schedules may not allow you to travel for the week long duration.  If you wish to look into a short stay please reach out to Jessica with your details and she will be sure to assist you where possible!  If you think that 7 nights is just not long enough extended stay pricing can also be requested.

Some of you may be travelling from other cities/countries and we encourage you to reach out to Jessica for additional information/pricing and requests shall you wish to not depart from Toronto. She will be able to make recommendations and provide you with a custom itinerary to meet your needs. Please note, all quotes will be priced in Canadian dollars.

The 7-night group packages being held with Transat are for Toronto departures only – if you wish to first travel to Toronto and then fly with the group you are welcome to do so and your company would be greatly appreciated! Please go back to the last screen and select “Toronto” as your gateway instead. There you can submit your deposit and travel with the rest of the group.

If need be Jessica can assist with land only / resort only arrangements! If Jessica does not finalize your arrangements we ask that you please let us know your itinerary and confirmation number so that we can ensure you are on the wedding guest list when you arrive in destination.

Jessica Baer - Destination Wedding Specialist  // 1-888-362-3660 ext. 113

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