Jen & Blake's Wedding

Guests looking to depart from detroit or alternative gateways in the united states

Many of you will be looking to depart from various cities in the United States.  We do encourage you to reach out to Jessica for additional information/pricing and requests.  She will be able to make recommendations based on your travel needs and can provide you with a custom itinerary to meet your needs and/or provide suggestions. Jessica has informed us that typically it is most cost effective for you to source your own flights and/or package depending on your departure city as you are not departing from Canada.  Jessica is more than happy to request off land only pricing (all-inclusive accommodation pricing +  transfers for your desired dates and duration) for you to piece together with your flights.  Please note, all quotes will be priced in Canadian dollars. Jessica can explore your options at any time with Sunwing through our group, but please keep in mind this is subject to pricing and availability at the time of booking.

The 7-night group packages being held with Sunwing on “Toronto” tab are for Toronto departures only – if you wish first travel to Toronto and fly with the group you are welcome to do so. 

You are also more than welcome to make your travel arrangements on your own, as we recognize this may be more convenient and cost effective for you dependent on your situation! We just ask that you let us know your itinerary so that we can ensure you are on the wedding guest list when you arrive in destination.  Jessica will also provide the onsite team with your details to try to “link” you to the group if possible.

Jessica Baer - Destination Wedding Specialist  // 1-888-362-3660 ext. 113

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